Robust data and insights across your distributed supply chain

Collecting and analyzing supply chain data isn’t a time-consuming process requiring an internal analytics team, frequent audits, and lengthy projects. Stord makes it automatic.

file types to order detail

Leverage the data available in your supply chain

Gone are the days of emails and exported spreadsheets sent from all over your supply chain. With the adoption of EDI and API integrations, data collection has become so much simpler, right? Wrong.

Working with multiple software systems that don't communicate with each other just creates new ways for data to become siloed.

Stord leverages our distributed network and robust integrations to bring your data into one location for maximum visibility and actionable insights.

One integration to bring all your supply chain data together

With Stord, you only need one integration to your ERP or enterprise platform to centralize inventory data across your entire network of warehouses, plants, and supply chain partners.

Avoid the risk of data corruption that comes with exporting and emailing spreadsheets. Our single platform allows you to pull reports on all this:

Inventory Tracking
Cycle Counts
Order Details
Performance KPIs
Revenue Tracking
Freight Details
Warehouse Order Number Differences

Normalized data automatically at your fingertips

The Stord integration includes a canonical data model that sanitizes data from your warehouse before it even gets to your ERP.

Since data standards and fields vary widely between systems, data collection from multiple sources becomes a time-consuming and manual process. The Stord platform gives you visibility into your supply chain in real time - no manual work required.

A single source of truth

No matter how many warehouses are in your network or how many different software systems they're using, Stord's platform is built to connect them all.
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