Orchestrate Your Entire Supply Chain

Stop piecing together data from multiple systems and start optimizing your business. Stord untangles and centralizes your supply chain in a single dashboard, so you can focus on what matters.


Software Capabilities


Inventory Management

Stay on top of inventory levels across all of your warehouses from a single dashboard.

Control Tower Visibility

Actionable insights and analytics from across your entire supply chain in a single place.

Order Management

Track and manage all your inbound and outbound orders across your entire network from all your sales channels.


Fast and flexible integrations for all your systems, logistics, and channels.


Where Physical and Digital Converge


Complete Supply Chain Visibility

With accurate inventory visibility into your inbound and outbound orders, our software acts as your supply chain control tower. Monitor the execution of orders in real-time and collaborate with suppliers and customers on inventory placement.


Connect Your Entire Supply Chain

We take each disparate piece of your supply chain, from your physical logistics to your key systems, and bring them together with smartly designed software that unlocks intelligent orchestration.


Analyze Insights and Take Action

Our software is supported by a network of hundreds of warehouses and thousands of carriers, which you can leverage to deploy new logistics services and data-driven optimization.


Full Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Our software is built to seamlessly flex with the ever-changing needs of your supply chain and bridge the gaps that you’re experiencing with other technology platforms. We adapt to your business needs (instead of the other way around).


Software That Scales With You

It’s even easier (and faster) to make your supply chain work harder with data-driven recommendations on when to add new logistics services, integrate new tools, or expand into new channels.

Meet Cloud
Supply Chain

Cloud Supply Chain is powered by Stord’s easy-to-implement software that integrates the physical elements of logistics – fulfillment, warehousing, and freight – so everything works together to deploy, manage, scale, and optimize your supply chain.

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Loren Ware | Director of Systems & Solutions

Stord's software connects all of our channels and systems in one place to give us the control and process we need to keep up with our customers


Both. To operate an efficient, customer-centric supply chain you need your physical logistics and technology to work hand in hand. Our software is built and stress tested by logistics professionals to meet the needs of even the most complex supply chains, so that you get full visibility and rapid optimization across your entire supply chain from one platform. Even better, you get these benefits no matter whether you use our logistics or bring your own.

No. We have customers that use our software exclusively. We’ve designed our software platform to be the connective tissue of your supply chain and to help you orchestrate your logistics regardless of whether you use Stord for warehousing, fulfillment, or transportation. We will integrate with your existing facilities and providers.

Stord creates a single integration into your ERP, and consolidates the complexity of integrating to dozens of logistics providers, warehouses, plants, and trading partners. Leverage a one-to-many integration through Stord to access our network or onboard your own.

Stord is a fully cloud-based software platform that can have your organization up and running in our system immediately. To connect our system back to your ERP, WMS OMS, TMS, sales channels, or other enterprise systems, a typical integration can be run in a matter of weeks.

Stord has the ability to integrate via EDI, API, or custom protocols, depending on your systems and needs.

How We’ll Move Forward

Talk to an Expert

01 scope

We’ll analyze your existing logistics network and tech stack to scope a solution tailored specifically for you.

02 integrate

We’ll connect with your existing logistics and systems to create custom dashboards to control your entire supply chain.

03 orchestrate

We’ll help you manage and optimize your operations for growth from a single integrated platform.