Design and execute a more efficient supply chain network

Stord’s data scientists use the normalized data organized in Stord’s platform to look for ways to run a more efficient network. Our robust logistics network coupled with our supply chain experts help you act on them—driving real results.

Determine if your facilities are optimally placed for cost and lead times

Stord’s network optimization study takes your supply chain data, cleaned and organized by our platform, and evaluates how efficient you distribution network is.

Whether optimizing an existing network or determining optimal new-site selection, our team has the expertise and robust data-science capabilities to help, using several metrics like the following to pinpoint redundancies and uncover untapped opportunities:

Trucking Routes
Geographic Sales Trends
Warehouse Locations
Fulfillment Center Locations
Manufacturing Plant Locations

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Talk with our data science and supply chain team about a network optimization study or new site selection.
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Find exactly where you're leaking money - without trial and error

You don’t have to compare quotes from multiple transportation carriers or demo several inventory management solutions to discover where to save on cost. Stord’s in-depth analytic reports show you where your inventory damage rates are highest, who is overcharging for freight accessorials, where you’re consistently running out of stock, and more.

Turn opportunities into action

Using our unique software, data, and supply chain, Stord doesn’t stop at identifying savings – we make sure those savings are put into action. Our data science team works directly with our supply chain experts to implement recommended modifications.

Since you don’t have to coordinate communication or source new logistics providers, we can move quickly to optimize your network. That means you get to see faster results. Unlike other 3PLs, our asset-light model guarantees that our data scientests’ recommendations aren’t modeled after our warehouse footprint.