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Stord Warehouse Safety Guidelines and Pledge

The purpose of this document is to create an understanding of the importance of safety within the culture at STORD and in that of all of their suppliers. As a supplier of STORD, I commit to providing a safe place for all employees, contractors, and guests to the facility in compliance with the following OSHA standards below:


  1. Exposed or open loading dock doors and other areas that employees could fall 4 feet or more or walk off should be chained off, roped off or otherwise blocked.

  2. Floors and aisles are clear of clutter, electrical cords, hoses, spills and other hazards that could cause employees to slip, trip or fall.

  3. Proper work practices are factored into determining the time requirements for an employee to perform a task.

  4. Employees performing physical work have adequate periodic rest breaks to avoid fatigue levels that could result in greater risk of accidents and reduced quality of work.

  5. Newly-hired employees receive general ergonomics training and task-specific training.

  6. The warehouse is well ventilated.

  7. Employees are instructed on how to avoid heat stress in hot, humid environments.

  8. Employees are instructed on how to work in cold environments.

  9. The facility has lockout/tagout procedures


As a Supplier of STORD, I also agree to remain safe at work and agree to the National Safe at Work Pledge which pledges that:


  1. I will never compromise my own safety or the safety of my co-workers to get the job done

  2. I will actively look for hazards, promptly report them and take appropriate action to warn others

  3. I will be a good safety role model for my friends and family, even when off the job


So why is this so important to STORD? Safe workplaces create an environment in which employees tend to stick around longer and have higher morale as individuals and as a group. Employees begin to take pride in the work that they do and raise concern when they are unable to do so. This leads to higher productivity and quality of work which leads to happy customers. Besides, protecting employees is the right thing to do.