Roles We Support

The performance and capabilities of the supply chain affect multiple departments across a company. Stord’s solutions are built not only for logistics operational excellence, but also to support the needs of financial, technological, and sales teams.

Supply Chain Executives
Extend your supply chain reach with our network of warehouses and carriers across North America, and gain visibility and control over the entire logistics network through one software platform.
Chief Financial Officers
View all inventory counts and movements in real-time, with all invoices pre-audited and processed by a single logistics partner. Move in and out of facility locations as customer demand requires without expensive commitment and termination charges.
Chief Investment Officers
Enjoy a faster return on investment by leveraging the warehouses, distribution centers, fulfillment centers and carriers in our flexible network instead of signing years-long contracts or standing up your own buildings across North America.
Warehouse & Distribution Managers
Meet customer SLAs every time with clear SOPs and centralized communication. Manage all of your clients’ orders, shipments and inventory counts in one software platform integrated into your Warehouse Management System.
Transportation Managers
Book FTL and LTL shipments directly through the Stord software platform with our 100% guarantee to cover loads at our committed prices. Our freight network design capabilities combined with a 99% on-time delivery rate ensures customers can count on speedy, accurate delivery.
3PL Managers
Manage all 3PL operations in a single platform, whether they’re part of Stord’s network or your own. Standardized data and real-time SKU counts offer complete inventory visibility across the distribution network.
Sales Leaders
Sell more inventory to more retailers with the ability to scale fulfillment operations quickly and meet compliance metrics. Stord’s flexible logistics network and software platform act as an extension of your existing supply chain to help reach new channels and customers.
Procurement Managers
Get access to capacity where you need it fast, without spending weeks sourcing new locations and negotiating new contracts. The high-performing facilities in our network offer top-quality logistics services that follow your SOPs.
Logistics Managers
Track shipment movements in real-time to ensure SLAs are met, inventory counts are accurate, and damage and loss rates are minimal. Gain access to flexible capacity as needed, without high costs or long commitments.
IT Managers
Minimize integration costs across the supply chain with Stord’s single integration to connect your entire network. Gain visibility across all systems without spending time and resources on individual integrations and support.

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