A Single Integration to Connect Your Entire Network

Your entire omnichannel distribution network at your fingertips through one seamless integration.

Channel & Marketplace Integrations

Supply chain data all in one place

If you use multiple 3PLs, you risk having less visibility into your supply chain, because different warehouses use different communication systems, whether that’s varying WMSs, emails, phone calls or spreadsheets. The lower your visibility, the higher your error rate likely is, which can mean substantial errors for high-volume shippers.  Stord’s team performs a single integration to your ERP to give you complete visibility of your network. After we integrate to a facility, data then flows from the warehouse through our integrative layer to our data model, which sends normalized data to your ERP, saving you from having to manually derive insights.

Integrations in weeks, not months

Typical integrations between warehouses and a business’s ERP require the involvement of multiple parties, 4-6 months to organize and test, and a lot of money without an immediate benefit. Stord’s team, on the other hand, can guarantee the delivery of the 3 main integration points: inbound documents, outbound documents and inventory documents in as little as 9 weeks, and any one of those in 3 weeks.

Instead of integrating each warehouse to your ERP individually, we integrate Stord’s integrative layer into your ERP once. We then connect Stord’s layer to each facility, whether it’s part of your network or our own, without you needing to invest time and resources every time you add a new warehouse. Stord's platform is system-agnostic, meaning we can integrate into any ERP, including:

3PL Central
Manhattan Associates
Blue Yonder

Build an Agile, Intelligent Distribution Network

Whether you need agile warehouse capacity, freight, last mile shipping, or a comprehensive solution to connect your enterprise systems with your distributed supply chain, Stord can help.
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