View and control your entire distribution network through one software platform

Collecting and analyzing supply chain data shouldn't be a time-consuming process requiring an internal analytics team, frequent audits, and lengthy projects. Stord makes it automatic.

Ready for your last supply chain integration?

Other integrations typically take 4-6 months and get multiple parties involved, just to connect one warehouse to your ERP.

Our team delivers an integration to connect your enterprise system to our cloud software in weeks, not months. Ready for your last supply chain integration? Integrate to Stord once, and we’ll connect our software to all of your warehouses for you, whether they’re part of Stord’s network or your own. No outside consultants required.

Manage your supply chain in the cloud

Get a comprehensive view of your entire distribution network with Stord's cloud-based platform. With all your software systems integrated and talking to each other, you will have an unmatched ability to analyze and optimize your whole supply chain.

Cloud-based control means you can respond faster to shifts in demand, and real-time visibilty prevents shipment errors and damages that drive your customers away.

Normalize and centralize all supply chain data in the cloud

Supply chain data stored in multiple on-premise and cloud systems is time-consuming to track down, impossible to consolidate, and easily corruptible.

Stord's platform collects, normalizes, and stores all the data sent by your connected systems. With the click of a button, you'll pull reports on inventory tracking, counts and details, performance KPIs, revenue tracking, freight details, and demand trends.

Move your supply chain to the cloud

Let our software be an extension of your existing enterprise systems.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a software platform or a logistics provider?
Both. We provide the technology and network for you to power your global logistics network. Ship through our warehouses and trucks or onboard your own.
How long does an implementation take?
Stord is a fully cloud-based software platform that can have your organization up and running in our system immediately. To connect our system back to your ERP, OMS, TMS, or other enterprise system, a typical integration can be run in a matter of weeks (2-8 weeks on average depending on systems and allocated resources).
Do you support EDI or API?
Stord has the ability to integrate via EDI, API, or custom protocols, depending on your system.
What do you mean "your last supply chain integration"?
Stord creates a single integration into your ERP, and consolidates the complexity of integrating to dozens of logistics providers, warehouses, plants, and trading partners. Leverage a one-to-many integration through Stord to access our network or onboard your own.