June 4, 2020

UPS announced over the weekend that they would be implementing surcharges on some domestic U.S. shipments: an additional $0.30 per package for shippers with a certain amount of volume, and a $31.45 surcharge on all large parcels. FedEx followed shortly, added a $0.30 surcharge to "all packages headed to homes," and a $30 surcharge to oversize packages. These new fees will target e-commerce shippers and businesses with a last-mile delivery arm, and add significant supply chain costs for high-volume shippers. 

Stord offers the same freight services, without surcharges, with a 100% guarantee to cover loads at our committed prices. Plus, our supply chain team frequently audits all invoices to make sure you’re always billed accurately. With our warehouse network we can help store your inventory closer to customers, and supply the freight services you need, from FTL, LTL, parcel and more, to get your products where they’re needed. While UPS’s on-time performance has slipped from 98.7% to 96.9% over the last quarter, Stord’s on-time delivery rate has remained at 99%. 

Ready to learn more? Visit: https://go.stord.com/ups-and-fedex-surcharge-alternative