The customer success team at STORD works as an advocate for shippers we serve. By aligning internal teams with customer goals, they make sure that everyone is poised for success.

Read this Q&A with Roshni, Customer Success Coordinator, to learn why she finds this job so rewarding, what it’s like to work at STORD, and how her background prepared her for this role.

What did you do before you came to STORD?

After college, I worked for a market research company, where we helped with survey implementation and analysis for businesses and news outlets. I also worked on a campaign for a candidate running for U.S. Senate, representing Georgia.

These experiences helped me realize my desire to learn about public policy and gave me exposure to the professional world, where I created and maintained relationships and engaged with people who had decades more experience than I did.

After being accepted to the master’s program at the Andrew Young School of Public Policy, I was simultaneously offered a job in customer success at a financial planning SaaS company. Each opportunity excited me, so I decided to pursue both of them.

To my surprise, I found that this choice led me to find my passion for both professional work in customer success and academically studying public policy.

This experience proved to me that you can find your passions in life as long as you put the work in and pursue what will make you happy and fulfilled, both personally and professionally.

What do you do at STORD?

My title at STORD is Customer Success Coordinator. Everyone here strives to make our product better every day, and I ensure that our customers meet their goals and see the value of working with STORD.

For us to be successful, we have to make sure that every company we work with accomplishes what they’re trying to achieve.

I advocate on behalf of customers to our internal team to make sure we’re serving shippers to the best of our abilities. That often means speaking with engineering, operations, marketing, or another department.

Additionally, when a customer signs up with us, I help with onboarding, product training, and relationship building, showing them that they will always have someone in their corner at STORD.

I chose to work at STORD because I love working in customer success and this company is truly changing an entire industry.

I feel most satisfied in my job when it’s clear that every single person is contributing to the success of the company and its customers. Everyone here works diligently and passionately to pursue our goals, and as our first hire in customer success, I’m thrilled to contribute to STORD as we continue to grow.

What is a typical day like?

Typically, I’ll meet with our account executives to see what is coming down the pipeline in terms of new customers so our team can be fully prepared to efficiently onboard them when it’s time.

I also interact with our network services team to learn what our warehouses are expecting of us so I can ensure we have all the necessary information to best serve our customers.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on at STORD?

Being the first hire in customer success has been a big project in and of itself. My role constantly evolves, since we are always figuring out new ways to accomplish our goals.

We have created many new processes and improved on several different levels as we’ve grown so far. It has been great to see how much of a difference everyone makes and how eager we all are to make the whole team succeed.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is the passion my coworkers have for what they do. Everyone shows up ready to work and is always eager to keep revolutionizing the supply chain industry.

I want to work with people who love what they do, and at STORD that’s been the case since my first day.

What would you say to someone considering a career at STORD?

We want people who are willing to work hard, have a positive attitude, and be a team player.

If you are passionate about any of our open roles, interested by what you’ve read about us, and want to change an industry for the better, consider STORD!

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching movies, being outdoors, scoping out cool places to hang out in Atlanta, and traveling.

One thing I haven’t done is explore Georgia and its surrounding areas. I usually get on a plane when I travel, and may not even know what’s in my own backyard, so my goal this summer is to explore what’s around here.

What else can you share about your background?

I am a first-generation American, born and raised in California, now living in Atlanta. I was fortunate to have a family who valued spending time and traveling together. Going to many places around the world broadened my outlook on humanity and opened me up to the various ways people live, whether by desire or circumstance.

I grew up with a strong interest in politics and global current events. My father often had me take notes during presidential debates and quizzed me on Supreme Court Justices in our spare time, and that really stuck with me.

I graduated from college with a bachelor’s in political science and international affairs. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to study for a semester in Strasbourg, France and attend seminars at the European Court of Human Rights, EU Parliament, and NATO in Brussels, which was the experience of a lifetime.