STORD’s network services department standardizes and consolidates data that flows between shippers, warehouses, and our own teams. By building pricing models and improving internal processes, they provide analytical support for everything we do.

Read our profile of Michael, Senior Director of Network Services, to learn why he chose to work at STORD and loves coming to work every day.

Where did you work before STORD?

Most recently, I was Director of Business Analytics and Poet Laureate at Rubicon Global.

My first gig out of school was travelling the country for a few years as a strategy consultant with KPMG. (Yes, Cincinnati is the picturesque utopia you imagine it to be.)

During my college years, I studied business and entrepreneurship at Wake Forest. Thanks to a seed funding competition, my first taste of the entrepreneurial environment came with founding a K-12 learning center. The following summer, my draw to the world of tech was sparked by an internship with eBay’s corporate development and strategy group.

What drew you to STORD?

There is little more attractive to me than helping to grow a business in its early stages.

In my early professional experiences at eBay, I was often the designated note-taker in the corner of the board room while the larger corp dev team evaluated potential M&A targets. The companies were typically just a few years post-inception and run by one or two young founders, but already attracted serious interest from the tech behemoths.

It wasn’t long before I realized I wanted to be on their side of the table. So, much of my career has been spent working back toward involvement in a startup. It took a few years too many, but I’m finally there.

Of course, not every startup has the promise or the potential of STORD. My attraction was pretty immediate when I met Sean and learned more about the value proposition. I am incredibly fortunate that the feeling was at least somewhat mutual and that I was asked to join the team.

We have a long road ahead of us, but we have the opportunity to build something truly impactful here.

Also, someone mentioned swag bags.

What do you do at STORD?

My title is Senior Director of Network Services, but I get to wear a lot of hats right now. My most immediate responsibility today is advancing our data clarity and transparency across all functions.

From supplier information to customer pricing, there is tremendous long-term analytics potential if we can establish uniformity around our data during these nascent stages.

What do you like most about your job?

One of the joys of Network Services is that we operate as a function supporting other teams within the organization.

Whether building a pricing proposal for sales, improving internal processes with operations, or organizing data with engineering, I have the pleasure of interacting with all of the talented people we have at STORD.

My hope is the cross-functional involvement yields a broad and lasting impact throughout the company.

What would you say to someone considering a career at STORD?

I could go on about the potential of the business concept, but the biggest selling point for me is the rest of the team here. We couldn’t execute on the opportunity if we didn’t have the right people on board.

I come into the office every day excited to join forces with the impressive team we’ve assembled. STORD, as a group of people, is a collection of determined, dynamic problem solvers ready to make a difference.

Also, swag bags.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I haven’t quite outgrown my bookworm phase and typically read a book per week. I partially enjoy the constant learning, but mostly yearn to impress my third grade teacher, Mrs. McDonald.

I’m also a bit of an obsessive film fan and have been watching close to a movie per day for over a decade. In recent years, I’ve picked up screenwriting and have appeared in the occasional independent movie or two.

Thanks in part to frequent flyer miles accrued during my consulting days, I have been tremendously spoiled with international travel in recent years. I actually just got back from a week in Greece!

Fostered largely by the embarrassment of only speaking English when I travel, I have been studying both Spanish and Italian every day for well over a year now. My enduring hope is to eschew the “ignorant American” label on at least one of these international trips!