STORD’s engineering team powers the software platform that moves inventory around the country. Jacob, Senior Full-Stack Engineer, peer reviews other engineers’ work, sets up the development environment for new hires, and ensures that newly-written code will work with future iterations.

Read our Q&A with Jacob to learn more about his background, why he joined STORD, and what it’s like to be part of our engineering team.

What was your background before STORD?

I began my career in technology at Georgia Tech. I got a degree in computer science, specializing in computational theory and artificial intelligence.

After graduation, I worked in data warehousing, web development, and consulting for startups and big enterprises. I also earned a master’s degree from the University of Texas, where I studied AI and robotics.

My interests in computer science are pretty broad. Really, I just like making computers do things.

Why did you choose to work at STORD?

Some of my connections in the Atlanta technology industry recommended STORD to me. They recognized the company’s potential for growth and disruption.

I had experience in several different fields across computer science, so the opportunity to work on a unique product was what really excited me.

I had also worked at startups in the past, and really loved the freedom and autonomy of being on a growing team, so I knew this would be a good fit.

What do you do at STORD?

My title is “Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer,” which means that it’s my responsibility to design and build software systems that give shippers visibility and control over their inventory, and that are stable, scalable, and maintainable.

I also assist the other engineers as we build everything together.

What is a typical day like?

A typical day is pretty collaborative for me. I will usually spend some time providing peer review for code written by my teammates, participate in discussions about how best to approach a technical challenge, and write new code, either alone or paired with another engineer.

Even when I’m writing “alone,” I have to consider how what I’m building interacts with a system that has been collaboratively created by many people. I also have to think about how my peers will review my code and interact with it in future work.

Literally nothing happens in a vacuum on our team.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on at STORD?

Overall, I have really enjoyed enjoyed getting to know the team and our codebase.

One of my first responsibilities here was to streamline the setup of our development environments for new hires, which is an operational task that I tend to enjoy. Getting that done improves the day-to-day quality of life at work for both myself and new team members.

What do you like most about your job?

I get to work with a team of bright engineers that I can learn from and share my own expertise with.

I also feel that I have a good deal of autonomy to figure out how best to do my job, which is always one of the most exciting and gratifying parts of working with a startup.

What would you say to someone considering a career at STORD?

STORD is at a really exciting point where we are looking to grow and scale quickly. It’s a great place to come in and immediately have an impact.

One of the things I love about working for a growing team is that we get to figure out what the best use of our time is on any given day, and then do it. We have a lot of responsibility and autonomy here.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

My hobby of choice is roller derby. I play for the Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby team, and regularly attend Atlanta Roller Derby games as a spectator as well.

When I’m not at work or at a derby function, I can usually be found at home playing some video games.