April 12, 2019

STORD's operations team of logistics experts keeps vital information flowing between warehouses and carriers. They coordinate shipments and verify inventory counts through our software, and also provide customers with strategic insights and knowledge.

Read our Q&A with Erica, an Operations Specialist, to learn why she chose STORD, what it’s like to be part of the team here, and what her favorite parts of this role are.

What did you do before STORD?

My most recent job was for a company that finds ways to decrease traffic in the metro Atlanta area. I was part of a team that educated employees at local offices and worked with businesses to create incentives for using our carpool program.

I also worked as a general manager for a construction company. I handled day-to-day orders, coordinated employee schedules, and made sure that construction sites were ready when they needed to be. This role helped me develop the skills I use every day at STORD.

Why did you decide to join STORD?

I wanted to work here as soon as I saw how STORD is using technology to change an entire industry.

There have been so many companies that used new ideas and products to change how businesses operate. That hasn’t happened in supply chain yet, though. As soon as I started researching this industry, I realized how far behind it is.

The word “disruption” is a cliche, but I really saw it happening with STORD after I learned more about what the company is doing. That’s what made me want to join this team.

What do you like most about your job?

I really like how this role pushes me to grow and develop. I also love being part of this team -- we’re a passionate group who all care deeply about what we do. The people who work at STORD are motivated and happy to be here, which creates a pleasant environment to be in.

Plus, the founders and leadership are really invested in making sure that we’re satisfied with our jobs. They work hard to make STORD a great place to be by regularly checking in with us and listening to our feedback and suggestions.

It’s rewarding to see a team mature and evolve over time. Since we’re in a high-growth state, we get to define process and culture. We wouldn’t get that chance everywhere.

What would you say to someone considering a career in operations at STORD?

I’d say that this job will really help you grow: I’ve learned more in my time here than I have anywhere else.

The environment is also really welcoming and flexible. Both the operations team and company leadership always listen to new ideas and actively help everyone develop.

If you’re looking for a job that will challenge you and help you learn, then this is the place for you.

What do you do at STORD?

I oversee day-to-day client and vendor relationships, manage orders through our software, handle requests from shippers, monitor inventory counts with warehouses, and take care of anything else that comes up operationally.

We do everything through our software platform, so we also talk to the engineering team a lot. Constantly communicating with them helps us provide customers with the best possible solution.

Since there’s so much information that goes between warehouses and shippers, we also have to be ready to solve problems quickly if there’s a mistake on either end. For example, if someone gives us the wrong shipping address or inventory count, we have to figure out where the incorrect information came from and fix it as quickly as possible.

This job is challenging, but in the best way. Finding the right solution is always rewarding.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I love to try out new hobbies and activities when I get the chance -- this year I am learning how to play soccer and make short films.

I also have a passion for travelling and food. I’m always willing to try a new dish or see something new!